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G2 BioBlend™ High Impact Headboards
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    • Standard thickness 3/4"
    • Standard Sheet thickness .040" (1mm)
    • Mounts flush directly to the wall; 3” standoff and 6” standoff options available (hardware provided)
    • Standard Sizes:
      • HB1 / Style 1: 35 1/4” h x 42” w
      • HB2 / Style 2: 24” h x 48” w
      • HB3 / Style 3: 35 1/4” h x 42” w
      • HB4 / Style 4: 35 1/4” h x 42” w


    • Beds, IV stands and critical healthcare equipment no longer cause damage to walls with four styles of high impact headboard style bed locators
    • Ideal for areas that withstand constant abuse, upgrade your existing headwall with high impact and scratch resistant protection
    • Mounts directly to the wall with 3" and 6" standoff options, offering an above-average impact surface for ultimate wall protection
    • Combine traditional aesthetics with the durable protection of .040" rigid sheet thermo-fused onto 3/4" thick MDF board
    • Allows for design freedom with your choice of 100 Standard Solid Colors
    • Standard Pebblette texture offers excellent abrasion resistance and defined coverage
    • Manufactured with G2 BioBlend™ InPro's exclusive reformulated PETG made with a corn-based biopolymer
    • Offers easy clean up with InPro Clean