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G2 BioBlend™ 1500 Silhouette Wall Guard
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    • 5" (127mm) height
    • .080" (2mm) BioPolyPETG+ cover
    • .080" (2mm) continuous aluminum retainer
    • .080" (2mm) continuous impact bumper
    Part Numbers:
    • G21500 – 5" High Wall Guard with .080" cover and .080" continuous aluminum retainer supports, 12' length
    • G21501L – Left End Cap
    • G21501R – Right End Cap
    • G21502 – Outside Corner
    • G21503 – Inside Corner
    • 1601 – Optional 1/2" thick x 4" Oval Rubber Spacer
    Minimum orders may apply


    • Non-PVC cover ismanufactured with G2 BioBlend™ InPro's exclusive reformulated PETG made with a corn-based biopolymer.
    • Offer unique styling while protecting the wall
    • Utilizes a recycled content continuous aluminum retainer
    • Coordinate interiors with Standard Solid Colors
    • Meets the most rigorous standards and criteria of chemical emissions as prescribed by the GreenGuard Environmental Institute
    • Has been tested and meets GreenGuard Environmental Institute's and the state of California's requirements for low emitting products as tested by Air Quality Sciences
    • Has been tested and meets the GreenGuard Children & School chemical emissions levels